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JavaFX media player get stucked on HLS streaming from Wowza

Hi all.

we’ve been a customer for Wowza streaming engine and successfully use it to stream VOD content to set top boxes, Android and IOS clients, using HLS protocol. However, now we try to develop a PC desktop app using Java and JavaFX framework. The JavaFX streaming player, which we developed, but also the one provided in Oracle’s Ensemble sample gets stuck after playing some time, always after 50 - 60 seconds and it’s not possible to restart it. Has anybody successfully used JavaFX streaming player against Wowza streaming engine ? Could you please help us to troubleshoot and debug this issue?

We use Windows 10, Java JDK 1.8.0_66 and Java FX 2.2.79.

I greatly appreciate your help

Frantisek Kaduch

Hi Frantisek,

I see you also have a ticket open with us regarding this. As you know we requested some more details, so if you do wish us to pursue this as a ticket please can you respond with what was requested.




The ticket you raised has reference #160777. I’ve just replied to it so check your email and then please continue correspondence via the ticket process.


Hi Paul,

I cannot somehow find my ticket, therefore I continue in this way. If necessary, I can however open a new ticket as this is an importatn issue and to get some help at Oracle (even forum) is impossible. Whic details have you requested please?


Hi Paul,

thanks for the ticket numebr. We’ll send you compressed Wowza server folders you requested to check if tere are not really som problems with packetizing.

best regarsd