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JMACX AVMedia.GetPosition()


I am streaming to a amino A530 set top box. I am using the latest Wowza (2.2.3 16/dec/2010) and the lateste A530 firmware (0.18.0-opera9)

There are some methods in the JMACX API to get the current position in the media stream, such as GetPosition() and GetMSecPosition().

When I call these methods, the server logs:

WARN comment server WARN 200 - RTSPRequestAdapter.getAuthenticationHandler: Unknown method: 0

WARN comment server WARN 200 - RTSPRequestAdapter.service: Unknown method: unknown

…and then stops the streaming:

INFO stream stop

INFO stream destroy

I spent some time this morning “diging” at the forum, but didn’t found anything.

any tips ?

I have never heard of these methods. I am sure we do not support them.


Wowza does not support these RTSP features. We have no short term plans to add support.


Wowza does not support these RTSP features. We have no short term plans to add support.


I think they are javascript commands that are understood in the browser that is running your amino. You have to call them from a webpage that is displaying your video and they are specific to stb and video screen. Client side.

Yes, I know that are specific amino methods, but I guess they sould be “translated” to some RTSP control that Wowza understands.

For example, the AVMedia.SetPosition() works very well. In the wowza log appears the message “INFO stream seek”.

I play VOD from a wowza server in rtsp to Amino settopboxes and it works fine. I am using Amino-140 boxes ( Opera/9.80 (Linux sh4 ; U ; Amino ; en) Presto/2.5.21 Version/10.30 ) and Wowza Developper 2.2.4 Build 27452, for testing, before deploying several boxes on the client sites.

I have the same probem as above. When I call any of the “GetPos” JMACX function, Wowza stops and says “unknown method”.

I have called Amino support and they say that the problem must be submitted to wowza.

Additional information:

Wheen I press the “Fast Forward” button on the remote-control, Wowza does not forward but it says “unpause”.

This is the reason why I wanted to use the “GetPos” command. I wanted to bypass the “Fast Forward” command for faking it with an internal timer. But for this, I needed the “GetPos” to work.

So, to solve my issue, it would be nice to understand why none of these functions is working. If we understand why, we wil be able to tell if it is Amino or Wowza that should work on this issue.

Note that when you specify the VOD rtsp url to the Amino player (AVMEdia.Play), you have to specify the type of media server. But wowza is not in the list. The media server that you can specify in the parameter string are : BitBand, Concurrent, EONA, InfoValue, Kasenna, MediaBase, nCube, Oracle, SeaChange.

When I play VOD, I specify “Mediabase”. I tried the other values, some works for playing VOD and some don’t, but none of them resolves the issue above.

So, is it Amino that should implement wowza commands in their software, or is it Wowza that should ?