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JNI error using Gocoder SDK


I tried to integrate in an existing app the gocoder library but I get this JNI error: jni-error-1.txt

Someone could tell me where could i start to understand the problem?


Hi Mario - Moved your question to the GoCoder SDK section of the community so more folks following there may see it and assist you. Thanks!

Sorry you’re having issues with this @Mario Rossi,

A JNI error usually means an issue with installation and that a dependent class cannot be found. You could start over in case you missed a step and make sure you properly imported the SDK libraries. Here is a video tutorial to help:

If you still have issues, well I can see from your image that this is for Android and so I would like to ask you the following:

  1. What version of the SDK are you using

  2. What version of Android Studio are you using?

  3. What devices are you testing this on, specifically what Operating System? We do not currently support the SDK on Android devices using Android 9.

It’s very important to follow this step exactly as explained, so the libraries import properly:

Let me know how it goes- thanks.


Thanks to all.

I resolved the problem, the error was very trivial.

I forgot to call the startPreview method on the WOWZCameraView Object and the app crashed.

You can close this topic or shift it in the correct section! :slight_smile:

Glad you got this working Mario!

Thanks for updating the community @Mario Rossi in case others face the same issue, we really appreciate that.