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JW player 5.3 and up new style of embed how too?

HI Guys, I am new to Wowza.

We are using JW player 5.5 so to stream our current videos, but want to connect to a live stream on Wowza.

As of 5.3 JW changed the was they embed the video in the page, so the page can take advantage of the JS file.

I have seen several examples of the old embed style on the site, but nothing regarding the new style of embed.

<div id='mediaplayer'></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
    'id': 'playerID',
    'width': '480',
    'height': '270',
    'provider': 'rtmp',
    'file': '',
    'image': '',
    'modes': [
        {type: 'flash', src: ''},
          type: 'html5',
          config: {
           'file': '',
           'provider': 'video'
          type: 'download',
          config: {
           'file': '',
           'provider': 'video'

Has anyone gotten this style to work, and can you post code / ideas please?



This is purely JW player question, better asked on their forum.


Well just so everyone can have this, here it is and working :slight_smile: This seems to work with anything that has flash and falls back to html5 to play on Idevices.

Hope you enjoy…