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JW player getting Error #2032


I just install jw player but when i run live stream i am getting Error #2032

here is my code


Please install the Flash Plugin


please let me know solution


Hi livetvbox,

It’s a path problem. First, try to get your rtmp URL working in the SimpleVideoStreaming or LiveVideoStreaming examples in the [Wowza]/examples folder.

Here is a long thread with several solutions: Using JW Player 5.x with Wowza Server

Dear LiveTVBox,

There could be several reasons behind error 2032. The most common are- problem with the website cookies handling, malfunctioning plug-ins, problem with website access permissions and corrupt registry.

Try the following steps in the manner they’re given below:

A] Make sure there is no problem with the cookie-handling:

1. Open Internet Explorer. Click Tools | Internet Options.

2. In the new dialog click Privacy.

3. Click Advanced button.

4. Make sure the following box is checked:

Override automatic cookie handling

5. Click OK | OK.

B] Disable Malfunctioning Plug-Ins:

1. Click Tools | Manage Add-Ons.

2. A new dialog shall appear displaying a list of all installed plug-ins.

3. Disable third party plug-ins that you recently installed.

4. Click Close.

C] Provide Website Access Permissions:

1. Click Tools | Internet Options.

2. Click the Security tab.

3. Click Restricted Sites icon.

4. Click Sites button.

5. Make sure the list is empty.

6. Click OK | OK.

For more information and details, please visit: