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JWplayer 6 is not working in Wordpress site. Help please

Hello all. i am totally new in this field and using the trial version of wowza in my laptop.

i have successfully setup all the things.

now i need to get an embedded code for my Wordpress based site. JW player 6 did not supported in the latest version of wordpress (4.0.1)

can anyone please make JWplayer 5 embedded code for me for live streaming.bellow is the streaming details

Server: rtmp://

Stream : myStream

please reply me ASAP

thanks in advance



Hello Tanvir.

Please take a look at this guide:

How to use LongTail JW Player 5 with Wowza Media Server



Hi tanvirzafar,

If you’re able to play the stream using the player on the JW player website then it would appear to be an issue with your player configuration and you should contact JW player support for assistance.



I know you have 2 or 3 other very similar threads open on this subject. But this sounds like a non Wowza question?

Did you get this sorted out yet? Also, please refrain from multiple threads with the same question.

Thank you,


This is great news! Thank you for the update and glad to hear you got this working.



Thanks Salvadore for quick reply.

But i am not using wowza on any heavy server. i just install it on my PC (trial version) to test its working and learn its environment.

After re-streaming tv channel (by TV-tuner, FMLE and wowza RTMP). Now how can i share this live streaming with my friends???

i have a WP based website but jwplayer 6 did not work on it. Give me error as"error loading stream

could not connect to server"

please tell me what is the next process to show show this streaming (live streaming) on my blogs or website???

reply me fast. thanks in advance

thanks for reply.

i am trying to embed the code for my site.

but i am unable to show streaming, whereas streaming play perfectly on wowza testing player. when i contact with my hosting provider they told me i need to activate some application on server ends.

now my issue have been solved thanks