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JWPlayer configuration for major browsers

Having spend the last couple of days reading the manuals, watching videos and reading through the forum, I can honestly I have no idea what I’m doing.

My basic requirement is to display a video on a web page so that it works in all major browsers.

Easy in Chrome, not so easy in anything else it seems.

For example Firefox will say ‘Error loading player, No playable sources available’, or if I add more sources it simple prompts me to select a video player on my local machine and proceeds to download the file.

Here is where I’m at right now, of-course it does not work.

                            'sources': [
                                { 'file': 'rtmp://'},
                                { 'file': '' },
                                { 'file': ''},
                                { 'file': ''},
                                { 'file': 'rtsp://' }
                            'rtmp': {
                                'bufferlength': 5
                            'primary': 'flash',
                            'modes': [
                                { 'type': 'flash', 'src': '/app/src/jwplayer/jwplayer.flash.swf' }

rtmp:// (200) (200) (200) (200)

rtsp:// (200)

In firefox when rtsp:// is used it asks for a locally installed player to play the video file, yet pasting this URL into the browser address bar works.

I’ve looked at the wowza homepage to attempt to dissect how this library is being used.

Wowza config:


(on) Apple HLS

(on) Adobe RTMP

(on) Adobe HDS

(on) Microsoft Smooth Streaming


From my perspective I’ve certainly struggled to get to this point, and have the following questions.

  1. Which is the preferred client side player, with a decent JavaScript API,

  2. I like the JWPlayer api, so can it be used? and what is best practice in easy to follow steps 1, 2, 3.

As far as I know (referring to this guide) JW Player will only playback RTMP and HLS streams. They do not support Dash, HDS or RTSP directly. You should be able to playback on any major browser on any platform


You are using a reference to JW Player version 5 which does not support HLS either

JW Player 5 does support HLS if you use their embed javascript.

You are using a reference to JW Player version 5 which does not support HLS either