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jwplayer - html5

hola amigos

encontré este reproductor jwplayer y funciona muy bien en desktop y móviles

pero no me sale para poder hacer streaming

por favor, si alguien me da una manito con el codigo… gracias…!!!




Please note that this is an English speaking forum so please write in English (Google Translate if need be).

Your question translates as:

hello friends
I found this jwplayer player and works great on desktop and mobile
but does not leave me to do streaming
Please , if someone gives me a hand with the code ... thanks ... !!!

I set up a web page and pasted in your code and it is playing back fine on Windows (Chrome browser), Apple Mac (Safari browser), and Apple iOS (Safari), so I’m not sure what particular issue you are having? Maybe you need to expand on “does not leave me to do streamiing”.



Please reference the JW player article for assistance.

If you require further help with the player configuration please see JW player support.




You would need to publish a live stream from an encoder to your Wowza Streaming Engine. You can take a look at the following forum articles describing how to do that: Specific Encoding Technologies

Assuming that you have published a stream called “myStream” to your Wowza server IP on the application called “live”, then the playback URL that are to be used in your JW Player embed code would be the following:

  playlist: [{
    image: "",
    sources: [{
      file: "rtmp://WowzaIP:1935/live/myStream"
      file: "http://WowzaIP:1935/live/myStream/playlist.m3u8"
  primary: "flash"

I hope this helps.


You may find our article on Wowza and streaming to JW Player useful.


hi Paul

I would like to stream and see me in desktop and mobile, the above code only helps me to have video on demand (vod):frowning:

please help with the issue


hi Zoran

I corrected the code

but the jwplayer load but never achieve streaming display

With The issue please help

this is my code

It does not work to display the streaming in mobile devices (ipad, iphone, tablet, smartphone)

please help me with this issue … Thanks … !!!

.:: Streaming ::.

You are very good to coding.