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Keeping track of users playing live streams (HTTP streaming)


Is there a way to keep track of which (not just number but actual identity ) users are playing a live stream via HDS or HLS . I know these are not persistent connections to the wowza servers but i am hoping to put in some heuristics like ‘if no requests for data for 30 secs then consider a client disconnected’. Is there a module which gets called everytime when a client requests for next packet of data.

I want to do this to gain some inisights like which users stopped watching a stream before certain threshold of time.



If you’re playing your stream via an embedded web client such as JW Player or Flowplayer (and possibly others) through a content management system then this custom code may help. There is also this example available in our module collection that may help or be used as a basis for more detailed tracking.

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Hi gauravmishra, there are client tracking solutions, please PM me as the forum rules don’t allow advertising outside of the Showcase topic if you are interested.