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Keyframe only playlists for hls


Should I somehow prepare my VOD content for keyframes-only playlists?

I’ve done all by this manual

Wowza returns chunklists and framents, but safari, vlc and all other players return error while trying to play.


Streaming VOD requires:

  • A constant frame rate, to help ensure that all frames are aligned properly.
  • A constant keyframe interval, also known as a group of pictures (GOP). This is important so that segments are equally sized for Apple HLS, MPEG-DASH, Adobe HDS, and Microsoft Smooth Streaming. It also enables bitrate switching when delivering adaptive bitrate streams.
  • A bitrate-based encode, to ensure that all segments are close the same size, which helps to prevent buffering.

If you are doing any sort of adaptive bit rate streaming, the player needs to switch at a keyframe interval.

Here is an example for you, but you did not share much about your workflow- can you please share more details?