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"Keystore file is missing" when I setup https connection

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to setup a streaming ssl connection between our local dalet server and our wowza streaming engine to be able to watch videos under ssl connection on our mobile phones :

Then, I restart the server and check the logs :

Unfortunately, our server didn’t find my “keykey3.jks” file in my vm, but the file is present.

We already check if the keystore is well implemented like our certificate freshly generated.

Any thoughts ?


Our Developer Community Manager Rose Power just put together a video on this topic, that might help you -

Hello Amara, thanks for the quick reply.

However we already seen this video, and our case is particular because we use our internal PKI certificate instead of Streamlock Addons certificate.

Maybe u think it’s possible to use a StreamLock Addons on our Dalet “On The Go” (mobile application) configuration ?

Thanks again

Let me check and see what the path would be in your situation. Post soon @Olive sangl.

You’ll need to follow the instructions in the doc on how to import your private keys and configure SSL:

Please submit a support ticket and we will walk you through it. Thanks @Olive sangle