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Kotlin and Large Storage Requirements

Dear everyone,

  • I would like to customize Wowza. I understand that Wowza supports this through its Java API. However, my preferred language is Kotlin ( Is this possible? Has anyone tried? Java 8 is what I plan to use.

  • I plan to use your system with about 20,000 CCTV cameras. The total bandwidth coming through is about 12 Gbps. Further, my requirements is that the solution must be on-premise. Because of this, I plan to use a distributed storage backend for storing CCTV video streams. How do I direct Wowza to record to my custom distributed storage API, and still use Wowza’s on demand playback capability.



Thanks for contacting Wowza Forums!

For the supported code languages, I would refer to the Wowza Developer documentation on this. This should show you what is supported and not supported for code languages. DEVELOPER INFORMATION

For the storage and using Wowza for distribution, check out this article: MEDIA CACHE