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I am looking for a consultant to review our existing video streaming infrastructure and configuration to determine a design to reduce latency from the current 30+ seconds to a maximum of 4 seconds. We are currently hosting our streaming services via Amazon AWS and cannot reduce latency to an acceptable level.

Thank you,

Hi, I can try to look at your setup as I’m dealing with different kinds of streaming including low-latency streaming for many years (and I’m authorized Wowza consultant).

Please drop me an email to or contact me in skype (my skype id is rshmelev)


There can be many reasons for latency, we can troubleshoot this issue for you. If the job is still open. Please feel free to contact us

Skype: shijils

mail: shijil(@)

Hello Brock,

we have done several setups recently where the requirements were to reduce the latency to a lower value than default (one of them on Amazon AWS). Reducing it to ~4 seconds, when using HTTP streaming, involves changes on several components - transcoding (choosing the optimal transcoding profile and adjusting the key frame interval), reducing the size (duration) of streaming chunks, and adjusting the number of chunks being served to the client players. This is a rough overview, but we’d be glad to take a closer look at your setup and help you get the design the completely suits your needs.

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