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Leaks in memory and terminate app

iOS: terminated due to memory issue (

Can you provide more specifics? What version are you using of the GoCoder SDK? Repro steps? What tool are you using to detect memory leaks? etc. Thanks.

You will need to use our iOS SDK version 1.5.1 to resolve your memory leak issue. There were some audio related issues in the previous versions that were corrected in 1.5.1.

If you are already using 1.5.1:

To rule out whether the issue is in your code or in the SDK, we suggest you do the following test:

For the playback memory issue, I recommend testing with two different iOS physical devices one for broadcast and one for playback. Please use the All-in-OneSampleApp.objc sample app "Stream live video and audio on one device w/ default settings to broadcast. Then use on a 2nd device “Play a live stream”.

Let us know your results…


goCoderConfig = WowzaConfig()

        goCoderConfig.hostAddress = "server"
        goCoderConfig.applicationName = "id"
        goCoderConfig.portNumber = 1935
        goCoderConfig.streamName = "key"
        goCoderConfig.videoBitrate = 2000000
        goCoderConfig.videoFrameRate = 15
        goCoderConfig.videoKeyFrameInterval = 15
        goCoderConfig.videoBitrateLowBandwidthScalingFactor = 0.0
        goCoderConfig.videoFrameRateLowBandwidthSkipCount = 14
        goCoderConfig.broadcastScaleMode = .aspectFill
        goCoderConfig.videoPreviewRotates = false
        goCoderConfig.capturedVideoRotates = false