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Licence key is not valid for version 4

Please help Accordingly


Thanks for contacting the Wowza Community

What version are you installing from? We had a fix for this issue in the lastest version. You can download the latest version installer HERE


I am receiving the same error, trying to install 4.7.4 which I download from the location you pointed to. I’m trying to so a silent install using the silent key that I was given after signing the agreement.

I am trying to install 4.7.7 on Windows and running into the same issue? My license key is not even in this format. This is what I received in the email :

(last block is only 5 digits whereas the installer is expecting another longer block at the end)

No solution for this after 1 year?

Hello @Uvin Withana

I would recommend reviewing this license troubleshooting part of this guide:

If having further issues, please open a support ticket here with the below support info:

C:/Users/[UserName]/AppData/Local Temp/bitrock_installer.log



I am stuck at the installer @Jason Tuchler so this troubleshooting guide is not applicable here.

Hi @Uvin Withana sorry you are having an issue. Let me check your account and see what license key was sent to you and check it is valid. I’ll respond again shortly.

You should have received TWO emails @Uvin Withana. One is the Engine license key and it begins with XXXX4.

The second email you receive is the Wowza Player key that begins with XXXX2.

Is it possible since you posted an example with a 2 in it that you are entering the Player key instead of the Engine license key?

I will resend you your Engine key license email in case you didn’t see it for some reason. That is what our engineer @Jason Tuchler was suggesting in that troubleshooting doc. It should have a 4, not a 2. Hope that helps you and please let me know.

Thanks @Jason Tuchler & @Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager I received a new key via email and I was able to install and run the application fine! Thanks!

Fantastic!! Glad you reached out so we could help. Have fun now streaming. :slight_smile:

I have also got only one mail for lincense key and it version 2 key. I am getting error “This key is not valid for version 4”. So please let me know what should i do?

I will wait for your solutions.

Your response is very valuable for us.

Thanks & Regards

We haven’t sent a version 2 email for Engine in years @Lalit Kumar so the key you’re getting in that email is for the Player key. That always has the XXXX2 in it.

If you didn’t get an email with an Engine license key which always includes XXXX4, then please email and they will resend it to you.

i registered in trial mode but i am not getting trial licence key please provide me.

Perhaps the email with the license key went to your spam email as sometimes happens? Can you check? You can email to have them send you another email if you are unable to find it.