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License and push publishing module sample


Our customer is looking for a software that can receive video stream via SIP/RTP from video source server, and then actively publish this video stream to CDN servers via RTMP. We think we can propose solution by Wowza + RTMP SIP Gateway(flashphoner), but we need to set up a POC asap to proof it. So that our customer will consider purchasing.

I download Wowza and RTMP SIP Gateway both in Trial License, and have successfully pass video stream into Wowza( I can see this video in Wowza testing player). However, when I follow the instruction of push-publishing by upload the push-publishing sample jar, I saw log saying “Hit license limit”. I suppose that’s because only one input stream allowed per server with my Trial license? (sample jar push to localhost, RTMP SIP Gateway already use one)

So I recompile the push-publishing sample java with destination ip address to the second Wowza, and upload jar to wowza like before and restart wowza. Somehow log still show push-publishing to localhost, is it because my trial license does not allow using my own jar? how can I make it push-publishing to other server?

PS. The stream name is not predefined but rather dynamic generated after RTMP SIP Gateway pass in video stream, so I cannot use pushpublishMap.txt

Could someone help me?


Hi, you should be able to use custom modules with a trial license key. The limitations to a license key is 3 inbound and 10 outbound connections. Please send a support ticket to from a valid support contact in regards to this issue. Please include a zip copy of your [install-dir]/conf and /logs folders, and link to this thread.