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License concern

Can we move the existing license from one server to another on account of decommissioning the existing one. 1st server is windows another one is Linux box… is it possible…

Yes, the Wowza Licensing service counts the number of concurrent instances; so if you stop the existing instance, you can thereafter use that license on another instance.

If you have a subscription license, you’ll be billed for the max. number of concurrent licenses that have been running at any given time in a month. So if you use the same license on two servers, it’ll work, but you’ll be billed for that.

If you have a perpetual license, you can only use the license on the exact number of instances that you have bought the license for (it’s possible to buy a perpetual license for multiple instances)

Yes @Manesh Kumar you can do this. What we suggest you do is use a Research & Development License (R&D) key on the new instance until it is setup… then when ready add the old key to the new instance and decommission the other server. **Operating System doesn’t matter.

You can reach out to for more information on a Research & Development License.

Here is a Wowza doc for you to reference: