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Limit connections in Wowza Cloud

Hi All,

Is there a way to limit connections in Wowza cloud per stream using the REST API?



I see this was answered in a support ticket. I am posting the answer here:

While limiting connections is not a built-in functionality in Wowza Streaming Cloud, unlike in our Streaming Engine product, this workflow is possible by implementing our new Security Token feature for Streaming Cloud, which can also be managed via our API. Security token authorization involves generating a unique token for each player. The player will submit this token to Wowza Streaming Cloud, and Wowza Streaming Cloud will then validate the token and either reject/allow playback based on the hash string token passed.

For more information visit the How to protect a provisioned stream target with token authorization article here

Some caveats on this workflow:

You will need to have a custom code in place to generate the token and provide it to the player. For example, if you would like to limit by IP, you will need to have a method to obtain the user’s IP address and include it in the query parameters to generate the token.

You will need to manage/track the player’s authorization via the above module. This means that you would need to have code in place that tracks the number of tokens passed so that you are under your specified limit.

You cannot use our provided player as the current Wowza Cloud player does not support tokens. You will need to have your own player technology that can support query parameters/tokens.



Hi Andy,

You cannot use our provided player as the current Wowza Cloud player does not support tokens.

I want to connect to the Wowza Streaming Cloud by restricting viewer’s IP address. Looking at your comment, it seems that IP address restriction can be realized by using token, but it is said that Wowza Player does not support it as quoted, but its comment is in 2016. Do you currently support it?