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Live Adaptive bitrate Streaming using using LoopUntilLive

Hi there,

is there a way to use ABR in combination with LoopUntilLive? I already did some research on this topic but i was unable to find a suitable solution.

I’ve already set up an environment where both LoopUntilLive and ABR are working independently. So the big question is: Is it possible to combine both approaches with each other?

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Are you doing transcoding on the Wowza server or do you pull multiple streams in and combine them with a SMIL? If you do transcoding on the server you can set up the LoopUntilLive module on the ingest side before the transcoder.

I transcode on the Wowza server. There the LoopUntilLive is automaticly loaded on server startup. I keep struggeling, maybe because of missing knowledge, on how to combine the ABR Smil File that i created earlier with the LoopUntiLive. Because the ABR Stream is only available under this url type:


How can i configure LoopUntilLive on the ingest side?

Why do you create a SMIL feed if you do transcoding on the server? You can use https://url/live/ngrp:streamnamegroup/playlist.m3u8 (e.g. if your stream name is “mystream” and you’re using a default transcoding template, you’d use https://url/live/ngrp:mystream_all/playlist.m3u8)

The flow is:

input stream  
               loop-until-live >> transcoding >> output streams
backup asset
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@Karel_Boek: Thank you for that hint. I guess Name Groups did the trick! And it’s working pretty well.