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When I set my application as live, it seems like when I dont stream anything and try to open the stream address via VLC Player, it playes recorded file. is there any way to prevent this?

I dont’t want anything to be played if the streamer isn’t sending any data



There could be some of the stream still in the buffer which VLC will play out. Are you saying that the stream keeps playing continuously even when Incoming Streams is showing no active streams? Is it with any specific output format (RTMP,HLS etc)?



What exact playback URL are you using? As JasonH requested, what version of Wowza are you using? How long does playback occur for?



Please can you be more specific, how long does VLC player continue to play for after stopping the live stream when using the RTMP protocol.

Can you confirm that you have a StreamType “live” and you have restarted (application or server depending on version) since making any changes to the Application.xml.

What version of Wowza are you using?



Sounds like the StreamType might be set to “default” as opposed to “live”?



I’ve stopped sending live data, but I could see recorded data on VLC Player which keeps on playing.

I used RTMP format.

Thank you


I’ve set type as live-record? or live-recorded

Since I need to store the recorded file as well

I am using 3.5 Version, and haven’t checked playback time occurance

Will reply when I check it… as far as I saw last time, it playbacked whole video