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Live Audio Streaming: Background Noise/Disturbance


I needed help in relation to background Noise/disturbance. I am using the examples/VideoChat/clientFlex only for audio(i have commented out the camera calls/functions).

I have noticed some background noise for the person who is a subscriber/listener for the audio stream. And this noise/disturbance get amplified when the listener is ‘Not’ using a headset.

How could i reduce the background noise for the person trying to listen to a live audio stream?

I would like to fix both cases, i.e. with and without a headset.

Thanks alot

(The person speaking into the stream is always using a headset with a mike.)

There is not a Wowza solution for this problem.


Maybe there is something in the Flash Microphone MicrophoneEnhancedOptions, but I’m not sure


Hi Richard thanks for replying,

This issue of disturbance is not related to Wowza media server…?

If it isnt is there any way to fix this in the flex code. I really need help as this becomes a critical problem for my client. Any pointers will help me a great deal.

Any help will be greatly appreciated,



Thanks Richard, ill try the Flash Microphone MicrophoneEnhancedOptions.

I really appreciate your help.