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Live Broadcasting

Hello, :wave:
Hope you all are doing well.

DOT Infotech has created Social Media Platform which is family friendly, privacy protected with excellent live Broadcast.

Here is a live demo of it:

It supports powerful voice- and video-communication solutions. `
We are expert in WebRTC, Wowza, FFMPEG, WordPress custom plugin for live broadcast. We hold the specialization for building live webcast solutions with full HD quality.

It has :

  • Secure and Advanced voice and video quality
  • Platform and device independence
  • Reliable session establishment
  • Multiple media streams
  • Interoperability with VoIP and video
  • Go Live
  • Check out saved videos.

If you have any requirements or any query regarding our project, Please do let me know.
Thank you. :innocent:

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Excellent! We’re happy to have your expertise here in our forums community. Your website is very impressive.

Keep in mind we have a Slack channel as well if you’d like to interact with other engineers and developers in the video streaming industry. There’s a hire channel as well where you can post some of your job openings I noticed on your site. Glad to see you’re growing and doing well! :+1: