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Live browsers video chat with no flash


I am considering to use Wowza…

I need to have live video chat with no flash, based only on web browsers.

Its OK if non webRTC supported browsers will get only video with no sound and they will not

be able to broadcast but only receive video data through websocket and use the html5 canvas to show it.

So basically i need 1 regular webRTC upload streaming that Wowza server Splits into 2 kind of video broadcasting one regular webRTC

and one video data through websocket for use in the html5 canvas to show it.

Dose wowza gen give me that solution?


Thanks for contacting Wowza Forums!

Regarding if Wowza can do 2 separate video streams, here is an article on Wowza and Websockets. Can you review this and see if this will do what you need to do?