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Live Captioning to Facebook Live stream target

I have a stream through my Wowza Streaming Engine that has live closed captions, and I wanted to show the stream on Facebook Live.

I got everything working, except the captions. Even though they are visible through JWPlayer, they don’t seem to be show up in the Facebook video player. All the tutorials I found available through Facebook only discuss uploading an SRT file for captions, which works for previously recorded videos but isn’t a solution for real-time live captioning.

Is it possible to pass live captions from Wowza to Facebook Live?

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(I originally posted a similar question in the “Live Streaming and Encoders” board, but have not seen a response, and I thought maybe the post is a better fit for this section)


At this time, Facebook doesn’t support CEA-608 or onTextData captions which will be needed for Live streams.