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Live Encode to h.264 with Cue Points and file archiving

Hey all,

I’m building a flash streaming solution and looking at the encoder right now.

We need to be able to encode to h.264/aac & MP3, archive those files as well as add cue points/markers so as to be able to extract just the presentation for download (not the rest of the meeting which would remain available via VOD streaming)

Wirecast is great for all the encoding and archiving except no cue points/markers as far as I can tell. You could actually broadcast and record independently at different times…nice but two files of the same content sucks

On2 Flix Live doesn’t support live encoding of h.264 yet.

I figure it’s possible to script ffmpeg to do what I need after encoding the file, but I need to be able to add markers while I encode

Your Thoughts?

We are adding support for SDES packets broadcast through RTCP as defined in RFC 3550 ( They will show up in the stream as onSDES events. So this is one option.

The following patch supports this method:


Support for RTSP/RTP streaming is unique to Wowza Pro. We are bridging the gap between RTSP/RTP streaming and traditional Flash streaming. This is just one of the mechanism to encapsulate the RTP standards inside the Flash model. You can choose to exploit it as you see fit. We will most likley be adding support for other ways to add metadata to a RTSP/RTP based stream in the future, but this is what we have today.


Right, you will need to act on these event your self. To capture the event client side the code looks like:

var ns:NetStream;
ns.onSDES = function(infoObj:Object)
	for(param:String in infoObj)


I’ve only worked with standard streams and stream events using netstream.send, but I think, in general, events in a stream are just descriptive, and can be acted on, or not. I’m guessing, that neither Wowza or Flash have built-in functions to act on these events.

very interesting,

from the small amount I read, I think I understand that SDES packets are just descriptive? I.E. may or may not be acted on depending on what I design?

(other than “CNAME”)


Does Wowza and/or normal Flash Players (Server &/ Client) act on any SDES items such as “NOTE”?

We’ll be building our own client/player, please excuse my ignorance :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any encoder recommendations?

It would need to be able to add SDES on the fly…somehow

If not…

I wonder if one could:

  • use VLC with the -http interface

  • add some .js candy to the page to store time markers and descriptions to a DB

  • use that info to later on to transcode & trim archived files (scripting VLC or ffmpeg perhaps)

Thoughts? Recommendations? Ideas? Synonyms for those?