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Live HLS AES encrypted with rotating keys


I’m trying to set up an hls live stream with AES encryption. But need to do a time-based key rotation. I’ve managed to succesfully stream a live AES encrypted feed with external key checking, but the key check url was called only and play start. There’s a way to force the key check url call every nth chunk or every n seconds using the external AES encryption mechanism?

Maybe the internal AES encryption is the way to go, but without experience programming server-side apis i think it’s better to know other’s experiences about this matter. Mainly if it will be feasible with the external AES method or must go with the internal api method developing a custom class.



I would actually suggest considering using the Secure Token option since you can set an expiration on the token that is generated.

You can review all of your Media Security options here:

If the Secure token method will not work for your workflow please let me know why and provide as much detail as you can about your workflow so I can better assist you.


Jason Hatchett