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live HTTP Origin and adaptive hls


could you please help me with hls adaptive with live http origin?

i set up live http origin application edge with default transrate transcoder, then i push to rtmp://server/edge/test

then i have incoming streams:

 test 			rtmp://	Active
 test_160p 		local (Transcoder)	Active
 test_360p 		local (Transcoder)	Active
 test_720p 		local (Transcoder)  Active



which seems ok

but http://server/edge/ngrp:test_all/playlist.m3u8 is wrong with bandwidth:


Hello Honza,

NGRP does not work between Origin and Edge, you can setup SMIL files for ABR streaming. More info about setting up Adaptive Bitrate streams can be found here and here.

If using SMIL files is out of the question, you can try using the attached example module that you can use so that your stream name groups propagate to your edge servers. Do note that this code is provided as is. Please make sure that you test thoroughly prior to moving to production.

In addition, do make sure that the origin application name and the edge application names are both the same.

When you test the stream, test that you are able to query the streamname group on the origin first. For example:

curl -v http://originIP:1935/live/ngrp:myStream_all/playlist.m3u8

Then test the same application and streamname, but pointed to the edge server IP:

curl -v http://edgeIP:1935/live/ngrp:myStream_all/playlist.m3u8

You should be able to get the manifest of the ABR stream correctly.



Hi Alex, the link to the is dead - can you point me at a valid link please. Note. I appreciate that this is not for production usage and supplied as such.