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live-record on s3 bucket


we are using amazon ec2 for live streaming video and it is working fine.

In application.xml we have live we want to change this to live-record to record the video.

we have created bucket on s3 using s3 organizer called bucket121.

we are not getting what should be there in this tags ?



StorageDir is the location that your application will save recorded videos.

It could be a folder on the server, or an EBS volume

You can’t save directly to the s3 bucket, you have to move after recording is complete.


Actually it is configurable, it can be done without code. See this post:


Thanks Richard

Is there any further code for what that would look like? I’m having a bit of trouble at the moment envisioning at what point in the application lifecycle the server code would move the recorded file to the S3 bucket

Thanks Richard, you are a hero.