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Live stats not in real time

There is an issue,
Since two months ago, the realtime stats disapear on the video cloud.
In our onpromise installations the server works perfect with http:[IP ]:8086/connectioncounts and on the web client it sohws correct, but int he Wowza Video cloud, the LIVE and the Health dont show realtime information, even usin the API curl -X GET -H ‘Authorization: Bearer ${WV_JWT}’ ‘{ID}/stats’ the “{“unique_views”:{“value”:0,“status”:“normal”,“text”:”",“units”:""}" shows as value=0.

There’s a common error?

Our support and engineering teams are aware of a data processing issue which may be the cause of delay in real-time stats. No ETA, at this time, but active work continues toward resolution. If this problem persists, please create a support ticket.