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Live stream ABR renditions not working when I Enable transcoder with size over 1280x720

I am using Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8.14+9. I have set up a Transrate ABR group with various streaming renditions (480p, 720p, 1080p etc.) according to this doc: I am using adaptive groups, not SMIL files.

When I enable the transcoder, I properly see the list of renditions in the “Incoming Streams” page in Wowza Engine Manager Console. However, I have renditions sizes above 1280x720 enabled it does not work. if I try to view these renditions in VLC, they do not work. I see the playlist.m3u8 and chunklist.m3u8 files seem to look ok. For example, here is a chunklist from one of my transcoded renditions:


However, when the player loads this, instead of trying to get the media_w1052203783_282.ts file, I see the player trying to get this URL:,

which obviously causes an error. Something is being parsed incorrectly. The “source” stream link works. What am I doing wrong?

Can you please send a ticket? There are some known issues with the transcoder in this version of Engine and I want to have the engineers investigate this to see if it’s a new issue or a problem with the configuration you have for adaptive groups. We can’t tell unfortunately without a full review of your files and logs in a ticket. Thanks!

I figured it out, the issue seemed to be trying too many renditions for my laptop (I am testing/developing). When I go down to only 1 transcoded rendition, it works.

Oh that’s interesting, thanks for the update Dan! Transcoding does use a lot of resources.