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Live stream - DASH segments not find

Hi, I have a specific bug in mpeg-dash transcoded live streams using shaka player (or bitmovin player).

Description: Streaming only one video which is transcoded for adaptive bitrate. We are streaming few audio streams for language abbreviation. Everything is pack in smil file.

The streams work well during language change without transcoding. The problems start when we change language with transcoded streams. Shaka player in debug mode write a lot of error messages about missing segments. (Looking for segments) Manifest is using direct and http-head time synchronization. We increased the cache limits in wowza segment configuration and shaka player.

The specific bug is: After restart the wowza live application during streaming everything starts working just fine with transcoded video and language abbreviations. The problem starts again on source when it is stop/start again from publisher. So, I presume that there is problem with time alignment.

Notes: we are using obs-studio for publishing. All publishers are using same keyframe interval, framerate and profile.

Any suggestions why it is working after restart and not immediately?


Thanks for contacting the Wowza Community!

Have you checked out this article for DASH?

DASH Streaming

DASH Player Setup

After reviewing both articles, if you are still having issues. I’d suggest opening a ticket HERE and include your /conf and /log files in the ticket.



This is update:

There is no issue with wowza or player. I would like specify that language streams are not from one source but from more publishers/translators which are in different locations. E.g. Japan or Europe.

I also found the solution for this issue. The language abbreviations with transcoded adaptive bitrate versions work only if all publishers start publish the streams in same time in offset of cache timing. So when the live application is restarted the encoders are reconnected in same time. I call it that they are time synchronized.

Is it possible to adjust the streams timing relative to main stream in manifest file? All dub streams will adjust segment timings relative to main stream. But I think it is more complicate because packetization job doesn’t know what is main/dub. Or any other wowza logic explanation?

Anyway, I hope it helps to somebody who has same situation with live streaming with language abreviations.

Jermaine Hemby i saw these articles of dash but my problem not solve. I have a different issue the issue is when i try to start stream online then my site will be get too much load and live stream will not be played on my site … if you saw any bug then please ask me without live stream my site going well…