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live stream delay in player

I use live+dvr and I have an issue to get the stream played in my player

When I start my encoder (I tried 3 different encoder), stream is more often available in player after around 4 minutes !

In logs I have ton of lines like that :

HTTPStreamerAdapterCupertinoStreamer.service: Request timeout: 8000

is there something to do to fix my issue ?

fyi: I opened a ticket but none answer yet, in case someone else got this issue and fixed it, I’m interested



Unable to playback live stream on test player . I have configured OBS RTMP encoder I see the live stream on Wowza Streaming engine but i am unable to playback on test players

You should be able to use the MPEG-DASH test player if you have the HLS playback enabled as it always is by default. Not all of those playback plugins are supported by all browsers. But, I just tested an OBS stream and was able to play it back in the MPEG-DASH player.

Make sure that in the test player, you are changing the default for stream name from “myStream” to whatever name you gave it in OBS in the “stream key” field. For example in OBS, in the stream key field, I called it “justin”. My test stream didn’t work at first and then I noticed I hadn’t changed the field for stream name in the test player from “mystream” to “justin” so be sure to check that.

You can also play a test stream in Wowza Player. If you didn’t get the Player key in the email, then yo can email