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Live stream event available in VoD is displaying undesired waiting board when viewing on-demand

We stream live event through Wowza Streaming Cloud and want to enable VoD.

The problem we have is that before the live event start, there is always some waiting board displayed to the user and this board is included in the feed sent to Wowza, so it is recorded for VoD also and when a user want to see the event on-demand, he still has that waiting board at the beginning which is not desired in an on-demand context.

Do you have any ideas how we could work around this problem ? Is there any feature in wowza which would help us with that ?

Maybe you can control the recording via the WSC REST API instead of starting the recording directly when the stream starts. So you make that API call and start the recording when your Live session really begins.

Ok this is interesting, but I suppose just starting the recording does not do all what the “Yes, create a VOD stream for this live stream” checkbox does in the live stream setup. There would be other operation to do to create the vod stream and associate it with the recording ?
Can we do that manually or with the api ?