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Live Stream Failover


We need some assistance about failover for live stream
First my topology :
We have 2 Wowza Streaming Engine servers behind F5 BIGIP for LB service and finally a RTMP source
In my Source RTMP Client, I can enter only 1 destination (1URL rtmp://…) -> The BIGIP Virtual IP address in my case
The goal is when my first Wowza server goes down I would like to reroute automaticaly to the secondary without any intervention on my source ( restart streaming for ex)
Indeed actually when the first Wowza server goes down (stop service for ex) , the source stop stream because it receive a RST packet so we oblige to restart manually the stream.
Is saw that we can configure Live Stream repeter in order to have a backup origin but in my case it doesn’t work because I can’t configure an alternate destination in my source RTMP client
Do you jnow if a solution exist for me ?