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Live Stream from a Camera that only work with a proprietary DLL (windows)


I have a camera (in fact, a DVR that connects up to 16 analogical cameras) that only can by viewed through IE (ActiveX) or by a proprietary DLL supplied by the manufacturer.

With the API supplied by the manufacturer, I was able to implement this proprietary protocol in Java (using TCP/IP connection with Netty Project) and want to integrate with Wowza through MediaCaster but since none of the MediaCaster types can handle this protocol, I assume that I have to implement a new MediaCaster type. I am right?

If I am going in the right direction (implementing a new MediaCaster type), how do I do it? Can you guys help me?


There is not rtsp or udp access to the source? Is it h.264 video and AAC or MP3?

I’m not sure what to suggest for a proprietary protocol. You might write to and ask if any of the consultants on the list of independent consultants would be able to help with that project.

And if you have a link to the source we can take a look at it



I don’t have an easy answer or example to get you started with this. If you can provide access to the source we could take a closer look. If so, write to Include a link to this thread for reference.


Nope, there is no rtsp or udp access and the connection is done only by an API (using TCP/IP) provided by the manufacturer.

How can I implement this API in Wowza?

Marco Balieiro