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Live Stream MPEG-DASH via Publisher API

Hi there,

My company was in process of acquiring the Wowza Media Server and I was developing a module that will integrate our workflow into your solution.

My goal now is to be able to publish a live stream (that is in a pure byte stream of H264/AAC without any container, there is pure NAL units and SPS/PPS) via the Publisher API. I was able to do that to RTMP clients by encapsulate the stream into FLV container and send then using the Publisher API, but now I need to stream in MPEG-DASH and I don’t know if I need to encapsulate into MP4 container or the Wowza was some utils to do that.

If I need to encapsulate into MP4 by hand (programmatically), what the best tool should I use? (mp4parser, DASHEncoder, MP4Box, etc.).

PS: I am a very experience Java programmer.

Thanks for any help,

Hello there. I am not sure if you meant to post this to the find a consultant forum, although it sounds like you are in the right place.

The find a consultant forum is for hired help. You can ask for paid help by posting your requirements, budget, and timescales for custom development or other specific work. Independent consultants can then provide feedback or private quotes along with contact information if they’re interested in your job.

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