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live stream - one video with multiple audio


i need make a setup for push one video stream with multiple audio track (2ENG+2FRA) for give to customer the possibility to choose right language on player. My question ; there a live encoder (hardware or sw) able to stream with one video and multiple audio channel ? or, there a workaround for stream using Wirecast or other sw encoder with multiple audio channel ?




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For multi-audio streaming encoders, a few encoders can accept multiple audio for ingesting and encoding. It is how you setup the player really. You can use multiple encoders to send the audio to Wowza and then use Wowza to merge the video and audio. Here are some articles on this.

Encoder that Supports MPEG-TS streaming

Haivision Encoder

Elemental Encoder

Visionary Solutions AVN420

HLS and Multiple Audio Tracks

DASH and Multiple Audio Tracks

Also, DASH is a good protocol for multiple audios and streaming because you can stream the audio as completely separate encodes. Not sure of the protocols you are wanting for distribution, but just a thought also.

Hope this helps.



Hi Jermaine,

thx for your reply, i want take a look at this hw encoder, so i use HLS for distribution.



Hi Stefano,

Did you have any success with this, or did you eventuallyuse some other platform?