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Live Stream starts perfectly but gets suspended in next 4-5 minutes automatically

We are facing an issue with high-end iPhone devices. When we run our stream on iPhone devices like 6, 7, 8 or 8+ the stream works perfectly and keeps running for the time we wish. The issue that we face is with high-end devices like iPhone X, XR and 11, the stream starts perfectly but gets suspended in the next 4-5 minutes automatically and we are not getting any error.

The current version of the SDK which is 1.9.0 for iOS does support devices that use OS 11. You do need to be using the most current SDK however, since we made some fixes that affect OS 11 playback.

What version are you using @nidhi jain?

NOTE: The phones you mentioned use OS 13 which have not been thoroughly tested yet with our SDK for complete compatibility.

Hi Team, We are using the GoCoder SDK version 1.9.0 but still we are facing this issue on almost every device, but we are looking for solutions on OS 13 segment of devices.

NOTE: I’m a subscribed user of WOWZA and my application named SUPERSHE is on store and we are facing this issue in the live app, could someone please look at the issue on priority.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Kristina Roth, could you please give us more details of what you are playing.

Are you playing back HLS or WOWZ (ULL). Do you use the Wowza Streming Engine or the Cloud service ? resolution, bitrate and anything else you could share.


Hi Kristina - we see you have a support ticket open. Please continue working on supplying more information there so the support team can work on reproducing this.


Having similar issue with iPhone X and 11. Using GoCoder app, live stream starts fine and then drops in the middle. Any help would be appreciated.


I have the same problem and I am waiting to the new update. I live in property in France and I have Iphone 11. Hopefully, we will get the solution with the new updates.