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Live Stream Using Video Tag Freezes on IPAD

I am using GoCoder app on an iPhone 5 to stream live video to Wowza Streaming Engine 4.0.4. I want to play that back from a website using HTML5 video tag.

The stream from GoCoder app to Wowza server seems to go well. We can see the incoming stream on the server. We can play the live stream from the website on PCs using a Flash player. We can also play the stream on Android using HTML5 video tag with rtsp.

However, we cannot seem to get the stream to play on IPAD 4 running iOS 7.1.2 - neither via HTML5 video tag or entering the mobile url provided on the Wowza server directly into the web browser. We have tried both methods using Safari and Chrome browser on the IPAD - neither worked.

On the IPAD, the live stream starts and then immediately freezes and stays frozen.

The mobile url directly entered into the browsers was:


The video tag code used is:

Would appreciate any thoughts and suggestions to get the live stream to play on IPAD. Thanks.


Are you able to test your GoCoder device on later version of iPad, or a later version of Wowza. I would look at installing the latest Wowza update first as there have been some fixes relating to GoCoder. The update procedure is quite simple and at least we can rule that out if it doesn’t help. Update instructions can be found here.