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Live Stream with Timestamp in 1s interval generated by wowza


I have livestreams(flv & later mp4) going through wowza, and I want to synchronize other media with it. So what I need is the following:

Timestamps (inserted by the server), which are inserted at the time the stream is picked up by wowza (so without lag). I want these (e.g. UTC) timestamps to be inserted at least every second. So when the live stream hits the flash client it can act up on these timestamps. It would also be great if they would be saved in the recorded video file.

I’m not sure if I need to use cuepoints, or if the file formats offer something else which is probably already implemented?

There are discussions on this forum where people inserted cuepoints from the flash client. But I need them to be inserted in a certain interval by Wowza!

Any ideas?

Take a look at this example:


That’s everything you need in that post. Take out the client interface, replace it with a timer.


as I described before I need these timestamps to be inserted by the server, not the client, and in a certain time interval (1s).

Anybody had the same requirement yet?