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Live streaming and wowza


perhaps you can help me clarify some issues. facebook and youtube offer live streaming directly, why would a customer use wowza for this? what are the advantages?



Sure! Happy to answer this for you. I’ll attach a doc or blog to each topic title if you’d like to learn more.

  1. Simulcasting
    Wowza allows you to configure one stream and send it to to a website page an app, multiple social media locations all at the same time using stream targets. You don’t need to go in and set each one up separately for FB, You Tube, LinkedIn Live…etc.

  2. Stream Monitoring/ Troubleshooting
    Wowza Dashboard provides the resources to manage and monitor the stream that is live on any of those social media platforms. If a stream is buffering for example or drops, you can see in the Wowza logs what is going on and make the necessary adjustments.

  3. Streaming Schedule
    You can schedule streams yourself on FB and You Tube individually, but Wowza’s StreamPublisher allows you to set up a stream schedule for several different social media sites and you can set it up for an entire month for an example. It just reduces your workload to have your start and stops times all set up and pre-scheduled in one place and not have to go in and manually set it up to go live at the time of the event.

  4. Wowza ClearCaster
    We do offer an encoder with a built-in integration between Wowza and FB with several customized options for a professional live stream. For example, it has a countdown clock, graphic overlays and the ability to simulcast to multiple sites at once as well. The ClearCaster feeds a high-quality stream from a professional encoder with the proper settings required by the different social media sites.

You can certainly stream directly to FB and You Tube live from your camera or device, but the Wowza Media server provides a stable and reliable stream source with all of the additional options I mentioned above. Hope that helps @Paul_Santos.

thank you Rose.