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Live streaming blocked by antivirus

My streaming is not running on computers with Kaspersky antivirus installed.

In others works great, but when Kaspersky is running, my live stream always return timeout.

I have no erros, no messages, just don’t plays.

Player is under HTTPS.

HLS/m3u8 is under streamlock.

You can see:

Do you have a firewall enabled with the Kaspersky product? Make sure that you have a rule in place that will allow port 443 (or whatever port you’re using for SSL).

Chrome load https pages and m3u8 files, under HTTPS/443.

I noted an important information:
Chrome is not loading .ts files (video chunks from Wowza).

I am having the samie issue, the .ts gets the forst 64kb, then, network error.

Hi @Leo_Goehrs, if you do not receive an answer in here from the community, this will require a Wowza support ticket so we can accurately diagnose the issue. You’ll need to zip and upload your files and logs for the engineers to review. The .ts issue will require that the engineers replicate and test multiple variables involved in order to provide an high-quality answer for you. They do not debug in the forums since they need full access to your files and logs.

If it’s not a firewall issue, what I can suggest in the forums is that you test this over TCP as well as UDP since UDP can have packet loss between the encoder and the server. You can also experiment adjusting your buffer size which can appear as packet loss in the UDP/TCP buffer for Linux.

Again, these are are all just guesses so please send the support ticket which provides access to the information we need. Thanks.