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Live streaming error. Status idle

I am new to Wowza and streaming.

I am trying to get the Swift sample app to stream to the Wowza could platform.

I run the app on a device, start the stream on the cloud, fill in the server settings on the app, and click the red broadcast button. I get an error “Live streaming error. Status idle. an error occurred when trying to connect to host rasp… (code=14)”

What are the common reasons you would get this error?

Hi Grant,

I looked at your Wowza Cloud account and I noticed you have made multiple RTSP connections since this post. The error you saw would typically indicate that the Wowza Cloud live stream had not yet been started.

I reviewed your connection logs and I want to provide you an article that will help you optimize your encoder settings for Wowza Cloud.

How to encode source video for Wowza Streaming Cloud

I hope this helps.



Hello ,

please set Application name to “Live” or “live”

also set Username and Password used to authenticate Wowza Media server

once done , you can start streaming