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Live streaming from many cameras to many users

Hello! When any user visits my website there should be many links to a certain cameras. When user clicks on link he will see what is happening in this camera. My question is: can single WOWZA server realize this model or really I should for every new camera create new WOWZA server instance? In accordance this tutorial: I understood how create streaming from one camera to many users, but how create many cameras to many users?

You can have many streams published to a single Wowza server, so you do not need separate Wowza instances for each camera, you can also publish each camera to the same application, just use different stream names for each camera.


If I am understanding your question correctly, you can add as many user names and passwords to the publish.password file as needed [install-dir]/conf/publish.password

Or, if you are using multiple applications you can have a separate publish.password file for each application:

How to use a per application publish.password file


Thank you very match Salvadore! But I would like to clarify one more issue. It come out that in my model I should give for each my employee stream address, username and password of Wowza server? Order to they would be able to use encoder. If this is so, it is very uncomfortably. May be exist method that employee enter to special web page and there just clicks on special button to begin translation from his camera. But with clicking on this button to web server will go necessary parameters to form JW player code?