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Live streaming from many cameras to many users

This Topic is covered here and would like to expand on the subject

Live Streaming…

I’m sure the answer is yes, but since you can have many cameras to many users, can those many cameras stream live from the IPhone camera etc., to be viewed on any device such as another smartphone or device like a smart tv.

What I am trying to do for example is to set up 20 people around the city to report on various activities. One could be live streaming an accident using their iphone, another broadcasting whatever, i don’t know, a live feed from their car. The key is to have broadcast clients of which anyone one can select their feed. And if their not broadcasting whatever they did broadcast is recorded and saved for VOD.

So the big confirmation is can this be done and what setup would I start with?



answer: yes

simple example

20 applications (live + record incoming streams for vod usage), 20 usernames/passwords (incoming security for your applications

stream from your phone to wowza? use the Wowza GoCoder app. it can connect straight to the wowza server. app is free available in IOS and Android store

Stream to smart tv? probably possible, no experience on that, probably build on a app?
Stream to android/ios/other devices? don;t see why not.

so how to start (if you want to “play”):

if you dont have a wowza server, set one up. wowza has a developer license which you can use for development/testing. max 3 incoming streams, max 10 outgoing connections. so you can test with 3 incoming streams.

Create 1 or max 3 applications with the record incoming streams option selected (make sure you have enough diskspace to collect the data.

Download the Gocoder app on your mobile device and point it to the application,port, username and password you have setup in previous steps.

When you want to use it in production its best to ask wowza about the hardware requirements for your server, because you probably want transcoding on, (which is billed separately, best ask wowza). Transcoding will allow to send out different streams with diferent bitrates (so slower connections can choose a stream with a lower bitrate). From what i know you can use 1 application for transcoding in the developer license

its up to you if want to “play” with it first to get the feeling of it (the wowza developer license is valid for 180 days and can be renewed over and over again with a new (free) license

sorry for the long story, i got a bit carried away :wink: