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live streaming h264 over RTMP - pixelization


We are streaming to flash and STBs. Feeds are encoded into h264/aac, pushed into Wowza by UDP and broadcasted by RTMP. We get artifacts on the screen, once in 5-10 minutes, mostly on static parts of the picture (lots of squares, wrong colors).

The same feed being received by VLC on the same server from the same UDP source is fine, no pixelization.

Wowza does not do any transcoding, only restreaming.

Issue is not related to a number of clients connected, glitches either with one and with few hundred watching the stream. Same behavior on four different Wowza servers.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Alex.

Hi Alex,

This might be due to you not having a high enough key frame interval try getting the keyframs to be every 2 seconds (if the frame rate is 25 fps then a key frame every 50 frames)

Can you also show the Wowza logs so that we can check for skipped frames or any other issues causing this problem.

Let us know if changing the key frame rate helps or fixes the problem.