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Live streaming issue on 3G/4G

We are using GoCoder SDK 1.6 in our Android app for live streaming.

Live streaming works fine when using the wifi network. While on some 3G/4G data networks, no video is displayed only black screen is displayed.

Want to know any network requirement to meet for live streaming to work?

If any port forwarding is required?

What are the defaults ports used in streaming?

Hello @Adnan Obaid,

By default, GoCoder would be using 1935 port to push the stream to Wowza Streaming Engine.

The issue could also be related to the bitrate at which the video and audio are being encoded. Try lowering the bitrate for video and then see if the same issues happen again.


Alex C.

Any update on this, i am facing same issue with mobile data.

I was facing the same issue and I tried the host address: for broadcasting and for playback and now it works on 4G as well.

Hello @Adam Kalocsai

That is the correct way to stream ULL streams. Broadcast should always be going to the endpoint and playback from the endpoint.

This will ensure that the played back stream is pulling from and edge location closest to the end-user.