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Live streaming multiaudio HLS

Hi All,

I’m preparing live workflow from UDP MPEG-TS input. I want to have multiple audio streams. On the input I have 4 streams with video only and one with video and multiple audio. For each stream with video I’ve created one stream file with udp address and for stream with video and audio I’ve created separate stream files with the same address but different audio PID. Then I’ve created SMIL file with videoOnly/audioOnly parameters. This configuration works fine for MPEGDash but for HLS only master playlist works, for each chunklist I get 404 error. I did some tests and found that if I remove _ao _vo from chunklist’s URL I can download chunklist and play content. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you for your help.
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Hello @Krzysztof_Spychala for proper diagnosis, this would require full review of your configuration in a support ticket. There are too many files we’d need to review for your use case and we can’t debug in the forums.

I’m guessing you followed this doc but just in case you didn’t see it, I’ll post in case it helps you out in the meantime!

Hi @Rose_Power-Wowza_Com, thank you for your reply. I know mentioned document and I think I did all needed configuration. As I said I can play my stream but master playlist returns:
#EXT-X-MEDIA:TYPE=SUBTITLES,GROUP-ID=“subs”,NAME=“język polski”,FORCED=NO,AUTOSELECT=YES,URI=“subtitlelist_lpol_b128000_slpol_t64cG9saXNoLW1haW4=.m3u8”,LANGUAGE=“pol”

and requesting any URL with _vo or _ao (e.g. chunklist_b5600000_vo.m3u8) doesn’t work - returns 404 not found, but when I remove _vo (chunklist_b5600000.m3u8) I get the chunk list and I can download chunks. For VOD workflow I don’t have any issues with _vo _ao chunklists.

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You could try and reduce the video and audio bitrate for that playlist and see if that chunklist works. Also drop the resoltion as a test as well from 1080 just to make sure it’s not data you can’t support.

But the best way for us to know is in a ticket.