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Live streaming not working with wowza player in latest Firefox 50.1.0

I get an “Unable to play audio codec…video codec…” error with live streams in Firefox - the same streams play fine in Chrome.

Youtube live streams also do not play in the same Firefox browser - and further information says that particular Firefox browser does not support MSE with H.264 (but it supports MSE) - how else can we broadcast live?

It says in the tech specs that Firefox 5.0 or greater is supported - I guess 50.1.0 should be OK…

I don’t know if recorded MP4’s are working or not - Youtube recordings do work.

I would be interested if anyone else has live streams working both in Chrome and Firefox without flash - if you have please elt me know,



Hello alancostello,

I tested with VOD and Live applications and both worked with my tests in Wowza Player and Firefox.

Can you test with a VOD application and the included sample.mp4 and see if you have the same issue then.

Also test Firefox on a different system to make sure it is not related to the system you are getting this issue on.



Yes thanks, my friend tested it and it is working on his Firefox,