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Live Streaming - Real Time (and historical) analytics solution - Input wanted

Hello all!

We have been using the Wowza cloud solution for some time now and have been very happy with the performance and ease of use! But like many of you (we can only assume), we have been frustrated by the lack of analytics and metrics many of our clients want (and aren’t…at least yet…available from this solution…and many other similar live streaming solutions).

To that end we are in the process of developing a custom live streaming analytics solution that offers real time and historical metrics. We are building the initial solution to integrate with the JWPlayer (so that it can be used with the Wowza cloud solution, as well as any other live streaming solution when the JWPlayer is being used). In short the solution leverages both and Microsoft Azure services to provide the real time communication and scale needed. Our plan is to make this available to others in the not too distant future once we have completed development and testing…But we are looking for your input!

So far we have a number of basic features implemented, but curious what else everyone what might interested in / features… Please let us know.

Here is a summary of features we have already:

  • Real time and historical reporting / dashboard(s)

  • Viewers: current, average, peak

  • OS & Device info

  • …and a handful of other items in addition to the events listed below


  • Rendering Mode

  • on Ready

  • on Setup Error

  • on Play

  • on Pause

  • on Buffer

  • on Error

  • on Mute

  • on Volume

  • on Fullscreen

  • get CurrentQuality

  • on QualityChange

  • on Meta

  • on Time

  • player Instance name

Hello there. Thanks for pointing this out and putting in the work to make it happen.

I would however suggest moving this the the Showcase forum